Alexandria Sterling Silver Flip Ring Featuring Ancient Roman Glass & Widows Mite Coin

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This collection has been discontinued due to the nonavailability of the glass, the last few items remaining are the only pieces left.


An amazing piece featuring ancient roman glass that is excavated in Israel that dates between 100AD & 400AD and after 2000 years in the earth it has a beautiful sea green glow. On the flip side a Widow’s Mite is set, an original coin dating between 135BC and 29AD it was the lowest denomination coin in Jerusalem at the time. Made famous by the biblical stories told by Mark and Luke. The tales tell of a Widow who donates two Mites to the church and is ridiculed by the wealthy business men around her, Jesus in anger flips the stalls of the business men while proclaiming that even though the widow only donates two mites it is all she has challenging them to do the same and donate all they possess. The coin face spins so you can show off either side, the ring itself has been hand crafted in sterling silver. Each piece is hand crafted in Israel.

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