where it all started

In 2007, Michael Cotton started Cotton & Co, a jewellery brand founded from his lifelong love of coins and collectables. 10 years later and Cotton & Co is now regarded as being one of Australia’s leading brands in coin jewellery. Along the Cotton & Co journey, Michael met Marisa, a graphic designer with an affinity for colour and style. From there, Marisa Kate Designs was born. With the combination of both Michael and Marisa’s creative fires, they couldn’t stop at just two brands, and shortly after, Bowerbird Australia was introduced to the market. That was in 2014…

Since the early days of the original three brands, Michael Cotton has worked industriously in many areas of business and has picked up some dynamic and innovative team members along the way. In 2018, as Cotton & Co was bursting at the seams with expansion, Alison has rejoined the team to manage the jewellery brands.

what we do now

Cotton & Co is the access point for wholesale and retail customers alike, to shop not just Cotton & Co itself, but Marisa Kate Designs and Bowerbird Australia.

The team behind Cotton & Co have extensive experience in the Jewellery and Fashion industries, and this thorough understanding of market trends, alongside the resources to source and design ethically manufactured fine jewellery, means that Cotton & Co’s brands are at the forefront of the Australian jewellery market.

If you’re interested in stocking any Cotton & Co products or brands in your business, please email [email protected] or contact us via our contact form.

Happy shopping!

Here at Cotton & Co, we are passionate about creating high quality, fine jewellery that is ethically made and sourced. We strive to share our resources where we can to support businesses and charities that align with our personal values.



Michael is the founder of Cotton & Co, and has been heavily involved in the numismatic and jewellery industries for many years. His passion and drive has pushed the boundaries of the originally founded businesses into a larger company, Master Metals Exchange (MMX). Michael’s focus is now overseeing the MMX Group and evolving the precious metals industry in Queensland and the numismatic industry in Australia.


Creative Director

Marisa is a multi-faceted designer who spends most of her time creating beautiful custom design work for print and web. Marisa’s penchant for colour and style have combined to create the eponymous jewellery brand: Marisa Kate Designs. Her extensive work in the design industry has landed her a reputation of doing high quality and refined business branding and has done work for some of Australia’s most renowned companies.